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Contact:  Julian Whittaker on +61 417 586 905 or email   jw@whittakerdesign.com.au

Prices start at an easy $320 for the Standard Custom 3-string fretless (includes pickup).
The top-line 'Archtop DeVille' comes in at around $540.
From time to time, existing stock models may be available a little cheaper, -currently we have 2 available for $280, and a few at $300. Enquire.
Because many options are available, these prices may vary slightly according to individual custom options.


This is the Archtop DeVille. This is what you get when the cotton fields morph into Chicago!
It's an 'Arseabout' -headless design, with the tuning machines at the back end. This redistributes the weight and results in an incredibly intimate, funky, and easy player. It's a 4-string, so many more tuning options are at your fingertips. And it's fretted so you can play chords and runs as well as slide. Plus a humbucker that kicks ass ! (SC available).
This example has a beautiful 'Spotted Gum' neck, smooth and tapered, with a Blackwood fretboard. Finishing touch is a slab of 5000 year old fossilised Redgum plate on the machine head top surface.

And here's the thing: We thought outside the box and developed the Archtop concept. The top soundboard is arched, not flat. This induces tension into the wood giving it a resonance you really need to hear. We believe that we're the only ones in the World to have this innovation. It'll be copied no doubt. Every player who has layed a finger on it just loves it.

Maybe this thing has morphed into something other than a cigarbox guitar, but I haven't come up with a name for it yet!


Here's another variation, in this case it's a flat top 'Arseabout', 3 string, unfretted -slide model.

More variations, above and below. Note variations in wave shapes , sound holes, finish colours and labels.



The model line-up
Because there are many combinations of options we don't list all of them.
The 5 types below are the main categories, but combinations of the types are available to order.



The Standard Custom model is a 3-string slide instrument (no frets but with fret positions marked)
Scale Length is 650mm (same as Fender Strat, PRS etc).
Nominal box size is 285 x 200 x 50mm
Nominal Length 900mm
Round sound holes
Brass nut & bridge
Enclosed tuning machines
‘Wiggle’ head form
Knee cut curve
Piezo electric pickup & Jack
Stained/satin clearcoat finish
With or without repro label (no extra cost)
Brass topplate screws.


The 4 String model is as the Standard Custom but with 4 strings.

One of the useful things about the 4 stringer is that players of ukes, banjos, mandolins, violins, bass etc can all use thier familiar tunings if they choose.


The Fretted model is as the Standard model but with guitar frets allowing ‘fingering’ and chords as well as slide playing.
May have seperate laminated fretboard for neck rigidity and good surface wear characteristics.

Available in 3 and 4 string versions.


The innovative Archtop has an arched curved top, which by means of the extra tension induced into the wood by the curvature, has a distinctively different sound.
Has a solid brass Tailpeice
Neck is carved
Other details similar to the Standard Custom Model.

Available in 3 and 4 string versions.


Headless design with the tuning machines down the ‘other’ end. This shifts the balance point so that the guitar is no longer ‘neck-heavy’. It is well balanced with less ‘reach’ to the lower frets. They are also are shorter (but still retains the standard Fender PRS scale length) so this is the one to choose for slipping into your backpack or travelling.
Other details similar to the Standard Custom Model, (but Length is shorter at approx 860mm).

Available in 3 and 4 string versions.

For more information or to order phone Julian on:
+61 417 586 905
Or email: